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The Foundation was created from the initiative of Agnieszka Ewa Cuper-Walento, a true-born Augustowianka, a daughter of a true-born Augustowianin and a granddaughter of a true-born Augustowianin, as well as a group of citizens and a few enthusiasts who want to promote Augustów as a great place to live (point 19 of the aims of the Foundation).

We invite everyone to join in common actions enhancing the quality of life, activating by developing interests, spending nice time, organising trips and meeting with fascinating people. We wish to organise a place to meet where it will be possible to drink a cup of good tea, talk and listen to the others. We intend to activate seniors so that they could support the young with their wisdom and the young to help the elderly to find a significant place in the IT society. We will support and promote voluntary service as the best form of helping others. We will try to create here a place where our children and grandchildren will eagerly come, even if only for holidays. We want Augustów to be a place of spending nice time and active leisure. We would like our families living elsewhere not to worry about us but to be curious what new is happening in our Augustów.